It is true that when you purchase an ebike for adults, it brings with it undeniable advantages. Being in a position to serve as a means of transport which is reliable without having to rely on gas is the most welcomed advantage of these types of bikes. Considering the ever-increasing prices of gas and petrol, a lot of people are switching to e-vehicles.

But with the many advantages, it also has a share of its disadvantages which include:
• They are expensive: E-bikes tend to be more costly as compared to the normal bikes and even more than a scooter or motorcycle. Several factors contribute to this such as its technology not being peaked yet and most of the high-end and mid-range have additional features for the convenience of the user.
• Long recharge time for the battery: While it might vary from one model to the next, generally, it takes a long time to charge the battery of an e-bike. Most of them take between 4 hours and 6 hours to charge completely. For riders who can anticipate this with each ride, it might not be much of a hassle.
But in case you just suddenly run out of battery unexpectedly, you will have no option but to wait until it is charged. The worst scenario is where you don’t get a platform where you can charge your e-bike.
But the good thing is that, there are some e-bikes which charge faster than others and maybe with more advanced models, some brands might address this issue of battery charging.
• Heavy: If you have ever ridden an e-bike, you know that a lot of them are very heavy as compared to the standard bikes. This is an attribute that affects speed and its ability to conquer steeper terrains and roads.